Goodbye Chicago Teavana Store

Starbucks is closing its fine concept tea bar in Chicago. It opened in April 2014, which much excitement and anticipation. Teavana is just closing this store: this doesn’t affect their other stores. This Teavana was different than others. The Teavana tea bars have specialty hand-crafted drinks, unique food items, and fine design! There is a large Seattle Teavana concept store in University Village, and the Pacific Place Mall Teavana offers hand-crafted drinks. You can also find Teavana tea bars in Los Angeles and New York City. There is a list of all the Teavana Tea Bar concept locations here.

A reader sent me some pics of the store. It was so pretty that I thought I’d share them here. Enjoy!

(Don’t be alarmed! The other Teavana stores are alive and well!)

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