#TeavanaTuesday Tea Tastings Wednesdays at 6 PM at University Village Teavana.

If you're visiting Seattle's University Village Shopping Center, you should visit the concept Teavana fine tea bar. On Wednesday nights, you can catch a quick tea tasting at 6:00 PM. On Wednesday, September 23rd, I dropped by in time for the tea tasting. Teavana partner Maya was comparing three jasmine-flavored teas.

Jasmine Silver Needle:

This was a fun and interesting tea. You could taste a lot of jasmine flavor coming through. This tea is the Teavana Silver Needle Imperial Reserve tea with jasmine blossoms mixed in. The tea ends up being a bit transparent in color, and has a certain softness to it. It's a bit buttery and savory. This is a white tea so be sure to brew for two minutes with water that is at 175 degrees.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls:

This is a hand-rolled green tea with about 7 or 8 leaves in each little ball of tea, and pan fired. This tea also gets it's hint of jasmine from jasmine blossoms blended into the tea. This is both a smooth tea. I thought it had just a bit of an astringent finish. Brew for three minutes at 175 degrees.

Jasmine Oolong:

This is a scented oolong tea. This tea looks amber in the cup, and is much heftier in the cup than the first two. The jasmine flavor is much lighter than first two jasmine teas that we tried. Brew this tea for three minutes with water that is at 195 degrees.

If you want the most jasmine flavor, consider the Jasmine Silver Needles. For the mildest, it's the Jasmine Oolong.

Hope to run into you at the University Village Teavana tea tastings!

While I was at the University Village Teavana store, I noticed these cute little cards on brewing tea. Thought you might enjoy them too!


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