Teavana tea now in tea sachets!

Starbucks locations now have Teavana teas in tea sachets! This is a big change. Previously you could only purchase Teavana teas as loose leaf teas. You'll find the following teas as tea sachets:

I bought the Mint Majesty to have at home. It's even easier to make a great cup of tea at home.

For the Mint Majesty, bring water to a boil, pour 8 ounces into cup, and steep tea bag for 5 minutes. Make sure to follow the directions on the side of the box. Some of the teas recommend lower temperature water (not as hot as right off boiling), and some of the teas has shorter suggested steeping time.

(One thing is that it looks like Pineapple Kona Pop tea is not offered in loose leaf tea bags inside Starbucks. I hope someone lets me know if I haven't got that right. Pineapple Kona Pop had previously been offered as a loose leaf tea at Starbucks.)

The tea in the tea bag is still the beautiful, same loose leaf tea as before. I just made some Mint Majesty at home - it's perfect. Hot water plus tea bag - so easy!

Enjoy your tea in tea sachets! These were just launched March 22, 2016, inside Starbucks stores. Here's a tip - Youthberry is amazing iced. Steep 2 tea bags with your water to make an extra strong tea to pour over ice. Youthberry is amazing as a tea lemonade. If you can get a Starbucks partner to make you an iced Youthberry tea lemonade, you'll love it. It might be something though much easier to do at home.


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