Rejuvenate Tea Tasting

Rejuvenate is one of the new Teavana Wellness teas. I went to a fun tea seminar for this tea on Sunday, February 29, 2016, at the University Village Teavana tea bar.

First off, you're invited to join me at a tea tasting! The University Village Teavana store offers short tea tastings every Wednesday night at 6 PM, and a longer tea seminar on the last Sunday of the month at 11:00 AM. The tea tastings and seminars are free and open to the public! Please come join me! I try to attend as many as I can!

There was quite a crowd for this tea seminar! I was pretty surprised! I told the group that I was taking photos for a blog, and this group was all smiles and very engaged in the tea tasting! That is awesome!

Teavana partners Joe and Joan hosted a tea tasting, trying Rejuvenate hot, iced, and as a tea latte. We also paired this tea with the KIND Almond Coconut Chai bar.

Teavana describes Rejuvenate as follows: "Get more get-up-and-go with black tea, yerba maté, ginger and a pinch of black pepper. Tea is the original energy drink. And this blend is especially crafted for perking you up with caffeine from both black tea and yerba maté, plus the spark of spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom."

As hot tea, this black tea is a comforting cup of tea for a rainy, grey, Seattle day. It brews up to a golden amber and it's a robust tea with flavor notes of spice and cinnamon.

This was delicious as an iced tea! We had it slightly sweetened. It's refreshing and has almost an iced chai-like flavor.

As a tea latte, this was also wonderful! Joe and Joan used 2 percent milk, and brewed up an extra strong tea to steam with milk. They used four heaping teaspoons of loose leaf tea with six ounces of hot water, brewed for 5 minutes. I wouldn't have thought to try this tea as a tea latte, but I definitely enjoyed this a lot. As a tea latte, the spice notes were softened, and I thought that the milk brought out almost a cocoa-y-ness to the tea.

All of this was especially fun to pair with the KIND bar. I hadn't thought about pairing tea with food, but just as one might try coffee with a food, it works to pair tea with food. The chai flavors in the KIND Almond Coconut Chai highlight the spicy, black tea and cinnamon flavors in Rejuvenate.

Thank you Joan and Joe for a great tea seminar!


Melody Overton

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