Spotlight on Berry Kiwi Colada Teavana tea.

One of my favorite Teavana teas is Berry Kiwi Colada. I make iced tea at home all the time. It is berry delicious! It's a berry-punch-like iced cup of tea.

It's the ingredients though that have stolen my heart. I eat the big chunks until they're almost gone and end up brewing the hibiscus leaves, rose hips, and lemon verbana with a little added sugar! I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I DO really eat the pieces. This has to be the most edible tea I've ever seen. To be fair, it's an herbal tea, so it is, by definition, a composition of herbal, botanical, / or fruit pieces. (Herbal teas can made of a wide variety of botanical and fruit ingredients).

If you start separating the ingredients of this tea, here is almost everything you'll see:

  • hibiscus flowers
  • candied carrot slices
  • candied pineapple pieces
  • dried strawberry and mango pieces
  • coconut chips
  • lemon verbena
  • rose hips
  • dried apple slices

I bought a large amount of Berry Kiwi Colada and separated quite a bit so you can see what I mean. The strawberry and mango pieces are fairly small and are a little hard to separate from each other. In the photo, the rose hips and lemon verbena are to the right of the Teavana lid. The hibiscus flower pieces are directly in front of the Teavana tin lid. Most of these component pieces are delicious. The candied pineapple pieces are outstanding. I wish Teavana sold them separately. I'd buy them to snack on. More than once, I've thought that I should write to someone I know inside the headquarters and tell them to sell the Teavana pieces separately. The two things that really don't taste good are the rose hips and lemon verbena. Surprisingly, you can eat dried hibiscus though it's quite tart.

I've discovered that a number of Teavana partners love eating the pieces too. I was at the Pacific Place Teavana and Travis helped me out with a pound of Berry Kiwi Colada. Turns out that Travis is tempted by the big dried fruit pieces in some of the teas too! I don't usually buy that much tea but I wanted to have lots to pull apart and play with.

If you eat all the big candied fruit pieces, you'll primarily be left with the hibiscus, lemon verbena, and rose hips. This still will brew a nice tea, though not the same as with the fruit pieces.

So this is my spotlight on this tea. Delicious brewed iced. Delicious as a snack. And still delicious brewed iced, even after you've eaten some of it!